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Feb 4

Mutts with a Mission.

So everyone at TRASHE Bags is getting excited knowing that they can use their handiwork to benefit charity’s such as Mutts with a mission.  CeCe brown sent me out looking for these folks as CeCe has both a love of dogs and a son in the military and would like to benefit both with one [...]

  • Employing people in the USA
  • Providing occupations for disabled individuals
  • Raising household awareness of upcycle opportunities
  • Making products from 90% repurposed items. Yes, upcycled trash.

In many countries around the world trash disposal is not only an environmental contaminant but a serious health risk. TRASHE Bags works in these countries and America to help individuals and households consider the reuse and income generating possibilities of many common discards.

Recycled Tote Bags Made in the USA

recycled tote bags

Repurposed Discards Create Jobs

items such as event banners and colorful product packaging and create new recycled  tote bags, tarps, aprons and duffle bags. This is sometimes called upcycling which accomplishes “source reduction” or reducing the source of what would otherwise remain in landfills. Source reduction through re-purposing discards opportunities is one of the greatest favors we can do for our trash overloaded planet. Each purchase of a TRASHE Bag recycled tote bag also helps employ people in communities like yours throughout the USA.

Thank you for becoming part of the TRASHE Bags story through your collection efforts or as you buy from the TRASHE Bags Store.

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